Lida Moghaddam

Lida's journey into real estate isn't ordinary. Her passion for architecture fueled her success, from her early design studies to honing her skills in Istanbul's competitive market. Now in Dubai, she seamlessly blends this architectural expertise with a deep understanding of the city's vibrant property landscape. Fluent in Persian, Turkish, and English, Lida bridges cultures, connecting you to Dubai's finest properties and potentially a path to Turkish citizenship.

With an architect's trained eye, she evaluates properties for their aesthetic appeal, structural integrity, and long-term investment potential.  Committed to personalized service, Lida understands that your real estate aspirations are unique.  From the first consultation to closing (and beyond), she's dedicated to making your Dubai property journey smooth, successful, and enjoyable. Your Property, My Priority.

  • Experience

    Founder & CEO, WITH LIDA
    Freelance Real Estate Agent
    Architect & Interior Designer
    Professor's Assistant at University
    Project Manager

  • Education

    Master's Degrees in Architecture, 2014
    Bachelor's Degrees in Architecture, 2008

  • Nationality


  • Languages

    English, Turkish, Persian

Your Property, My Priority

From first consultation to closing (and beyond), Lida is dedicated to making your Dubai real estate journey seamless, rewarding, and enjoyable.

Whether you're a first-time Dubai investor or a seasoned property connoisseur, Lida invites you to begin the conversation and discover how her expertise can elevate your real estate experience.

Personalized Guidance, Architectural Insights, Global Connections

Lida understands that your property goals are about more than just a transaction. It's about finding a place that aligns with your lifestyle, investment aspirations, and dreams for the future.

With an architect's trained eye, Lida evaluates properties not just for aesthetics, but for structural integrity, design potential, and long-term value.

Fluent in Persian, Turkish, and English, Lida bridges cultures, connecting you to Dubai's best opportunities.

Discover Premium Properties and Strategic Investments with Your Architect-Turned-Broker

Premium Property Acquisition
Discover your dream residence or lucrative investment among Dubai's most sought-after properties. Lida provides personalized guidance, expert negotiation, and access to exclusive listings, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your goals.
Strategic Investment Advisory
Build a profitable real estate portfolio in Dubai with Lida's market analysis, insights into off-plan developments, and tailored recommendations. Whether you seek short-term gains or long-term wealth generation, she'll help you maximize your returns.
Architectural Eye for Selection
Lida's architectural background gives you a unique advantage. She'll evaluate properties for their design, structural integrity, and potential for value appreciation, helping you make informed, forward-thinking decisions.
Developer-Direct Connections
Gain early access to Dubai's most exciting developments through Lida's extensive developer network. Discover exclusive pre-market opportunities, negotiate with confidence, and secure the best properties before they hit the wider market.

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