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Your Guide to Dubai Real Estate Excellence

Lida's journey in real estate is unique. Her architectural expertise gives her an unparalleled perspective on properties, from structural integrity to investment potential. With more than a decade of success in Architectural field and Istanbul's competitive market, she honed her skills in negotiation, market analysis, and understanding diverse client needs.

Now in Dubai, Lida seamlessly blends this experience with in-depth knowledge of the city's vibrant property landscape. Fluent in Persian, Turkish, and English, she bridges cultures and connects you with Dubai's most exciting opportunities. Lida's warmth and professionalism make your real estate journey both successful and enjoyable.


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Discover Premium Properties and Strategic Investments with Your Architect-Turned-Broker

Premium Property Acquisition
Discover your dream residence or lucrative investment among Dubai's most sought-after properties. Lida provides personalized guidance, expert negotiation, and access to exclusive listings, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your goals.
Strategic Investment Advisory
Build a profitable real estate portfolio in Dubai with Lida's market analysis, insights into off-plan developments, and tailored recommendations. Whether you seek short-term gains or long-term wealth generation, she'll help you maximize your returns.
Architectural Eye for Selection
Lida's architectural background gives you a unique advantage. She'll evaluate properties for their design, structural integrity, and potential for value appreciation, helping you make informed, forward-thinking decisions.
Developer-Direct Connections
Gain early access to Dubai's most exciting developments through Lida's extensive developer network. Discover exclusive pre-market opportunities, negotiate with confidence, and secure the best properties before they hit the wider market.

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